bmw n53 injector replacement
Because it is clear that each manufacturer tries to hide his problems. Smooth run. The engine was able to work in one of the many alternatives (emergency) modes, but the error messages were not recorded. Due to injector problems, these engines were a nightmare for BMW AG. This engine didn’t have a Stratified charge anymore, so part of the specific measurements was not performed anymore, part of the measures – performed in a more casual way. BMW was able to reduce fuel consumption in the N53 engine by adding direct injection and a nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter. N43/N53 operation modes. Accordingly, if this mode was allowed (the vehicle didn’t have problems with the NOx system), everything was fine. The bill for the customer – at least EUR 1500. Re-adapting of the automatic transmission, The problems of the injectors and misfires, Car with N57N engine and very low mileage, F10/11. $43.35 - … For many years already, the actual (last) release of the injectors: 11. N43/N53 operation modes. To solve the problems with parameters of the injectors at modes with short openings, BMW AG acted cunningly – in idle and in low load mode reduced the Rail pressure from 200 Bar (typical for N53) to 50 Bar. 10 min. In these engines, the same injectors as for N55/N20/N26 are used. An example. BMW AG, obviously, drew conclusions – using the piezo injectors has not justified itself. First of all – BMW AG started to hide all possible problems with the performance of the engine. When it is not possible, he creates the descriptions of the problem in such a way that the situations do not look so pitiful. B48/B58. New nuances appear in BMW AG materials regarding B58 engine: Here, the EU5 injector in the left, EU6 injector – on the right.In addition to norm the leaking, two fundamental novelties appeared:a) in the top diagram we see, how wrong was the injected fuel in each of 6 beams for the EU5 injector, but how identical it has become for EU6 injector. But the most interesting will only come!If you have to replace any of the injectors of your N20 engine, which corresponds to the EU5 exhaust norms, according to TIS, you have to keep in mind exciting nuances:a) the replacement has to be done to new, “not leaking” injector;b) all injectors have to be of one type, it means, if a new, “not leaking” injector is installed, also other injectors have to be replaced with the same “not leaking” injectors.BMW proudly calls it “EU5 to EU6 conversion procedure”. N20/N26. Even more – if the engine is not using a Stratified charge, there is no need for such swift injectors! Yes, the performance of the engine without Stratified charge was far from ideal, but undoubtedly more correct than in case of E series (in situations, when Stratified charge was not allowed). What to do? Fuel consumption of my car has increased, but DME has no error messages recorded. Obviously, these upgrades were not yet introduced at that time! What fundamental changes expected this generation of the engines? MSD80/81 was replaced by MSD87. Part 1. MSD80/81 was replaced by MSD87. Typical situation in case of damage of the NOx sensor, Intake manifold. A Stratified charge doesn’t reduce fuel consumption?


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