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These lizards are very popular because of their spiny skin that makes them look like a dragon. The best thing to do is take your lizard to the vet for antibiotics. They are considered juveniles when they grow between 2.3 and 3.7 inches. In the wild Armadillos are inactive lizards. These lizards rarely grow over four inches long, with three to three and a half inches being more common. and the value is far too high for most hobbyists. Some animals just aren't well-represented in captivity. "Girdled and Plated Lizards (Cordylidae) They dig holes in loose sand around bushes or excavate leaf litter from large rock cracks or under boulders. I am close to buying my first reptile, which will probably be an East African Spiny-tailed lizard (Cordylus tropidosternum). Their numbers are declining due to habitat destruction by agriculture and, to a limited extent, because of illegal collecting for the pet trade. The black girdled lizard is an insectivore and is important in regulating natural insect populations. If you are serious then purchase a captive-bred from a private breeder. The other lizards living in the group will follow suit. The black girdled lizard is listed as Near-Threatened (NT) in the Red List (Mouton et al. Scales on the belly and back are strengthened with bony elements (osteoderms). Plated lizards extend through the savannas of southern and central Africa, reaching Ethiopia in the north and Ghana in the west. This means length is not always an accurate indicator of their sex. Postal: Private Bag X101, Silverton, 0184. Retrieved October 16, 2020 from They grab their tail and roll into a ball (pictured above). Fitzsimons, V.F. They live in flat or gently sloping grassland, with deep soil for their burrows. de Villers (eds). Thumbnail description Small to large diurnal, heliothermic, terrestrial lizards, mostly with well-developed legs, although some groups are snakelike and have vestigial limbs, Size Girdled and flat lizards, 5–13 in (13–33 cm); grass lizards, 22 in (56 cm); plated lizards, 6–28 in (15–71 cm), Number of genera, species 7 genera; 88 species, Habitat Forest, savanna, scrubland, desert, and grassland, Conservation status Extinct: 1 species; Vulnerable: 5 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 5 species, Distribution Southern and tropical Africa and Madagascar. Platysaurus capensis. Their yellow or brown body is covered in thick, protective, square-shaped scales that armor their bodies. They are active foragers that eat a wide variety of insects, as well as fruits and berries. While looking around for these guys, I found the Black girdled lizard (Cordylus niger). When basking they rest on the belly with the limbs flexed upward off the ground. They are nocturnal lizards, and belong to the subfamily Eublepharinae, which also includes the Read More →, Loved by reptile enthusiasts for their colorful bodies, large spines and dinosaur-like appearance, the Green Iguana is one of the most popular reptile species. Black girdled lizards eat mainly insects, but occasionally will take some vegetable matter. The black girdled lizard (and other species in the genus) is ovoviviparous, meaning that the fertilised eggs remain inside the female’s body until they are ready to hatch and the female gives birth to live young. If they feel they need to protect themselves from you then they will curl into a ball and bite their tails. The tail can be shed and regenerated. The relatively large, elongate eggs are 0.3–0.4 in (7–10 mm) wide, 0.7–0.9 in (17–22 mm) long, soft-shelled, and laid in deep cracks, usually in damp leaf mold. English: Sungazer; French: Cordyle géant; German: Riesengürtelschweif. Armadillo Lizards can get very stressed when handled. Unlike many independent lizards Armadillos prefer to live in groups. When kept in captivity you should feed an Armadillo crickets. Sit-and-wait ambushers, they feed mainly on invertebrates (beetles, grasshoppers, millipedes, termites, and spiders), although they will take small vertebrates if the opportunity arises. They are known to be very docile but can become stressed with handling. Yet I find barely any info on them. . Flowers and berries are also eaten in season. They are most vivid on the belly, where their intensity is hidden from predators. They have relatively few health issues, but there are a couple illnesses owners should be aware of. The rear of the body, hind limbs, and tail are red-brown. This lizard is named after the Armadillo because they curl up and bite their tails to protect themselves from predators. If grabbed, the tail is readily shed. Difficult to buy as they are illegal to export from South Africa. This even happens when there is enough shelter to house each lizard individually. Another unusual social behavior of this species is the tendency for the mother to bring food to her baby or babies. These lizards live in social groups of up to sixty individuals! Unlike other popular pet reptiles such as the Bearded Dragon, the Armadillo Lizard is not very colorful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This means their habitat should have high temperatures, low humidity and plenty of rocks. These lizards also have unique social behaviors too. EDIT: It seems that the Cordylus genus in general is not very well researched. Perhaps the people who keep them aren’t successful. Physical: 2 Cussonia Ave, Brummeria, Pretoria. Girdled lizards are popular in the pet trade and are also used for traditional medicine. Girdled and Plated Lizards (Cordylidae) The black girdled lizard is prey to various snakes, mongooses and birds of prey. Armadillo Lizards are very hardy and usually recover from these infections quickly. These beautiful lizards are common on granite, but rarely form dense colonies. Do not hold them aggressively as this is how a bird of prey would grab them. Zonosaurus madagascariensis Gray, 1831, Madagascar. Armadillos are easily identified by their armor-like skin. A conspicuous black stripe runs along each side of the neck from the ear to the shoulder. Crag lizards (Pseudocordylus) and grass lizards (Chamaesaura) evolve from within girdled lizards (Cordylus), and to reflect this evolutionary relationship these genera have recently been transferred to Cordylus. Their favorite habitats are full of rocks, hills, mountains, and sandstone. Name: Cordylus niger Cuvier, 1829 At Saldanha they live in granitic outcrops. Adult Armadillos are very small and grow to just over four inches in length. Larks breed on all of the continents except Antarctica.…, Mongooses are African and Asian carnivores of the family Herpestidae. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The desert plated lizard (G. skoogi) is adapted for desert life. Armadillo Girdled Lizards spend most of their time basking in the sun or hiding between rocks. One sign of a mouth infection is if your lizard is chasing its food but not biting at it. Pretoria: Transvaal Museum Memoir 1. Common name: Black girdled lizard, swart-skurwejantjie (Afrikaans). This irresponsible behavior has contributed in the past to their species overall vulnerability in regard to their numbers in the wild. They also eat berries when seasonally available. They can typically be found sunning on rocks near cracks and crevices, which they will attempt to escape to if they sense a threat. Although it is solitary, it is common and found in large numbers around rocky habitats. Males tend to be slightly larger than females. Armadillo girdled lizards are endemic to the desert areas along the West coast of South Africa. It is not intended to constitute veterinary advice. The large colonies of colorful flat lizards are important tourist attractions at scenic sights in southern Africa (e.g., at World's View in the Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe, and Augrabies Falls in South Africa). Atlas and Red List of the reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. Due to their bright colors and hardy nature, they are also popular in the international reptile pet trade. Any owner is lucky to have one as they are now illegal to export from South Africa. Girdled identifies various animal species: Would you want to preserve their existence and habitat, enjoy the artwork of professional wildlife photographers, or maybe even go on a safari to see one yourself – roaming its wild range and exhibiting its natural behaviors? taxonomy. Everything Reptiles’ articles, care guides, videos and podcasts are intended to be used for a general nature only. Armadillo Lizards are tiny one-of-a-kind reptiles. Blanford Press, London. The family is relatively ancient and evolved before the separation of the southern supercontinent Gondwana and the separation of Madagascar from Africa in the middle Cretaceous epoch (80–100 million years ago). No fear! The largest zoo in the country and the only one with national status. When foraging they move slowly, often sliding down slopes on their smooth bellies. That family includes the genus Smaug, and the animal Smaug giganteus aka, AFAIK, the animal successfully bred very few times in captivity, and with a pet trade value astronomically high. Not sure what the specifics behind Cordylus are. Backwater Reptiles offers an incredible array of live lizards for sale, ranging from rare geckos to captive-bred iguanas and bearded dragons.Click the reptile pictures below to be taken to the corresponding list of lizards available for purchase. 1995. These carnivores are slow-moving so prefer to sit-and-wait for any prey that is larger than a termite. They aren’t necessarily bonded to specific individuals in the group, like wolves or dolphins. Warren's girdled lizard was formerly available in the pet trade, possibly exported from Mozambique. The limbs are moderately long and have saw-edged scales. In fact, their vulnerable population is believed to fluctuate with the local termite population. The babies are roughly half the size of their parents, and otherwise, look identical. It’s natural to want to have one of your own, but imagine if our desire to keep these beauties in captivity lead to the demise of their existence in the wild, and, eventually, in captivity too? 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