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Chicken wings, for example, take longer than other types of meat. Clean the grill thoroughly after use. *�����R�y5G�aԑ�i���:�@F�S�:C\�l��}�!�� P��u���ʧ�����Θ��VmJśA0>�|��^Vm(J6�U� Various buns, rolls, breads, pitas and wraps. Are we missing anything? no more forgotten items for your BBQ party. Keep separate plates for different meats, and keep meats covered. We hope you found this BBQ Checklist helpful. Leave that up to your guests. stream Turn off the grill. Lauren Meir. Use our Contact form to let us know. Depending on how your guests want their red meat cooked, you may have to leave some steaks or burgers on the grill for longer. Marinate desired meats a few hours before (or even overnight). If you can, start setting up tables and chairs. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 2527 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 55 /First 417 >> Make sure it is still warm, as it will clean easier. If you have lots left over, give to willing guests. With most self cleaning grills a BBQ grill brush is sufficient. Disposable cups for cold drinks. Immediately wrap up perishables (leftover meats, salads, cheeses and spreads) and put in the fridge. Try a whole-grain tortilla or onion roll. What do you need for your bbq party? ¯]½~éâ•ù—Ï�½pşÔÉ3§�=qüĞÁ#‡÷10°¦et�#ÈĞk `a`ô½ ¤;�øX$š��õƒ„C“ Set up any decorations, such as banners, flags, or other colorful accents. ��p,���]���+�A�wp��k^��`R���V�~��a�Bݏ��ןZ���_��\��Z��F��3q��?_˼�� ���k��u\^��z%n���u��^ Time to check on those RSVPs. Enjoy a delightful BBQ with your friends or family. Organize plates and eating utensils at one end, with cutlery in cups for easy grabbing. Ensure you have all grilling tools. But this can also be fun if you are well prepared. Try to avoid inhaling smoke from the grill. If you have a more traditional grill, make sure you have plenty of coal and lighter fluid. Paper/ plastic plates. Salads, side-dishes, spreads and garnishes can go on another table, just be sure you can cover perishables from heat and insect. Use our Contact form to let us know. Corn on the cob is a classic favorite. << /Subtype /XML /Type /Metadata /Length 1359 >> �|�v $�� �}[(��U��6M��Y�����F�;��]��?�S����)�D]W��&m�x=�~u�v3���cv&�:W�0�ɍ��ܘ��}�حX��S9�!9p�w34�724D�#2�S:�^����bwr�C[td���ei-r(�����_߬f�5�G��r�E��M�6�&�w�B�i�5�t��X@�?A�� ��](M��mF2�C� =�pԭନ�`��V��%�Bї! Dessert. Prepare for any missing guests or last minute additions by adjusting your shopping list accordingly. Are we missing anything? Don't forget the tips and inspirational ideas at the bottom of the list. Side dishes. What types of meat will you be grilling? endobj stream If it's a hot afternoon, try to provide shade by setting up a tarp or tent, or placing tables beneath shady trees. Think of our planet and reuse anything you can. If you have a gas grill, make sure the tank is full and works properly. Get creative and try setting out Wasabi paste. 92 checklists. %���� What about Tabasco for spicy-lovers? Wear a hat and sunscreen. Decide who will bring what dishes, other refreshments or necessary equipment such as extra chairs, tables, or utensils. This checklist is complementary to your BBQ menu and contains all the main BBQ items that you need for your event: meat, salads, beverages, plates cutlery and deserts. Start by making your initial guest list. Fish is somewhere in the middle. Do you have any tips? Don't leave the grill unattended for too long. Buy all snack foods and non-perishable or long-lasting spreads and dips, if you're not making them yourself. Gather any additional supplies, such as entertainment equipment. Checkliste Mundstücke Feta, Wassermelone, Minze Feta, Gurke, Tomate, Olive Parmaschinken, Melone, Minze Käse, Salami, Olive gefüllte Eier, Shrimps, Weintrauben endstream Crisp cut veggies with dip, chips and salsa, pita wedges with hummus or other spreads, various chips and crackers with cheese, mixed nuts and other finger-friendly foods are good for guests to munch on. Call or send out invites to get an idea who is coming and for how many people you should be planning. Who says all burgers have to go in a bun?


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