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The flight took 12 hours with technical stops in Montreal, Gander, and Reykjavik for refueling. The forward loading ramp has also been reinforced to accept heavier payloads. Having a total payload of 187.6 tons (including the frame), the generator became the heaviest single piece cargo ever transported by air. Name It was the highest altitude art exhibition ever organized on board of the aircraft, which reached a height of 10,150 meters (33,300 feet) above sea level. In June 2010, Antonov Airlines transported two test wind turbine blades 42.1 meters (138 feet) long from Shijiazhuang in China to Skrydstrup airport, Denmark. Thanks to its unrivalled payload of 60,000kg (132,277lbs), the AN-22 is the only widebody freighter able to undertake the transportation of outsize cargo to remote destinations. Taking the new Bentley car, Jackson, Yuri, their families along with Gordon and Tarmara drove out of the plane and are saved while the other cars get destroyed when the plane touched down. AN-225 «Mriya» – the world’s heaviest aircraft. AN-124 «Ruslan» – heavy, long-distance transport aircraft. Antonov Airlines operate the unique AN-225 Mriya – the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world. Oliver Platt (Carl Anheuser) They continue to fly off as the Volcanic Eruptions of Hawaii destroyed the remains of Hawaii. Only two airframes have ever seen commercial use. Mriya completed the flight in just 12 hours. Also, this plane is from Ukraine, not Russia. Sasha went to find another plane so he can fly Yuri's family out of Vegas, he discovered that he needed a co-pilot. Designated AN-124-100M, Antonov Airlines’ modernised versions boast upgraded navigation systems (P-RNAV) and fully comply with the latest ICAO avionics and noise regulations, meaning that they can operate globally and without restriction. On August 11, 2009, Antonov Airlines set another world record by transporting a 174-ton ALSTOM generator from Frankfurt in Germany to Yerevan in Armenia. An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors. Falls off a Himalaya cliff and explodes in flames. It represents one of the key engineering achievements in aviation history. To handle this increased weight, a new digital anti-skid braking system has been installed, together with strengthened tyres. Multiple Engine The AN-225 was originally developed to transport the Energiya carrier-rocket and Buran space shuttle between space facilities in the former Soviet Union. Since then, it has operated flights all over the world carrying cargoes such as electrical transformers and mobile power generators. The Antonov 500 was an Russian cargo plane, commandeered by Yuri Karpov and piloted by Sasha, which flew the survivors, Jackson Curtis, Kate Curtis, Noah Curtis, Lilly Curtis, Gordon Silberman, Tamara Jikan, Alec and Oleg Karpov from Las Vegas to China in order to get to the Arks. Yuri Karpov (45 years old) is first seen during a boxing match in Las Vegas where he is with his attractive girlfriend Tamara Jikan sitting ringside. As this is set in 2012, it wouldn't be an anachronism except the deliveries were pushed back until 2013. Because of largeness of the cargo door with width of 2.4 m and a special ramp-door installed on the airplane, it is possible to perform convenient loading from both the ground and a truck bed thus facilitating airplane loading and unloading. Although the AN-22A currently operated by Antonov Airlines is almost totally self-sufficient, requiring little ground support equipment thanks to its four onboard cranes with a combined capacity of 10,000kg (22,046lbs). After his phone rings informing him about the apocalypse, he and Tamara leave to get ready for survival. This page was last modified on 6 November 2017, at 09:49. The flight set yet another Guinness World Record for the airlift of the heaviest single piece. It still remains a valid world record today, Transportation of the longest cargoes in the history of air transport, AN-225 Mriya set another Guinness World Record, To ensure equal distribution of the load over the cargo hold floor according to a concept developed by Antonov engineers, a special transport frame was designed and manufactured in Switzerland, Series of 12 An-225 flights, becoming the largest project by number of flights and total payload ever carried in the commercial history of AN-225, Operator of seven AN-124 aircraft of different modifications, Operator of the largest transport aircraft in the world. The flight was chartered to replace a damaged generator stator at the New-Delhi power station, which was subsequently transported to Germany for repair using the same aircraft. The locomotive could also lay claim to an unofficial speed record for a train by achieving a speed of over 850 km/h (530 mph) – about twice the speed of the fastest trains. The unique AN-22A, however, remains the only method of air transportation for 60,000kg (132,277lbs) shipments to some of the world’s remotest regions where there are no big runways. Only the biggest aircraft in the world, AN-225, was capable of the task. Antonov 500 Also, this plane is from Ukraine, not Russia. The AN-74T airplane has an economy class passenger compartment of increased comfort. The airlift champion, AN-225, had also succeeded in high art. One of the design engineers of AN-225 recalled: “The flight was operated during warm season and normally no one tries to beat payload records during this time. It also continues to support worldwide peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. In September 2012, AN-225 Mriya set another Guinness World Record. In April 1986, Antonov Company received a request from the Government of the USSR for the transportation of a wheel of a hydro turbine, measuring some 6 m in diameter and weighing 80 tons. AN-225 was designed by the Antonov Company for transportation of the Energia rocket boosters and Buran space shuttle between the space programme facilities of the former USSR. After the flight, the development of specialised loading equipment for the AN-124 aircraft began. Therefore, sea and road transportation were impractical, taking around one month to deliver. While Jackson, Kate, Noah, Lilly, Yuri, Tamara, Alec and Oleg buckle up for takeoff, Sasha and Gordon get prepared to fly the cargo plane before the ash cloud engulfs them. The aircraft has the capability to operate to relatively short, unpaved airstrips. Antonov An-225 Mriya Although they marked this plane as an Antonov 500, there's no such plane. Air Company “Antonov Airlines” provides services for charter flights from all Ukrainian airports and all over the world using the AN-74T airplane. Probably CGI, but the actual Air Force One doesn't have windows on the top deck (port side). After months of test flying it made its international public debut at the 1965 Paris Air Show at Le Bourget. To equally distribute the weight over the cargo floor, the generator was placed into a special transport frame. Amanda Peet (Kate Curtis) Two short years ago we created this message box on our home page, asking for your help to keep this site up and running. Despite the Las Vegas Airport Tower telling them to abort takeoff, the Curtis and Karpov group managed to escape, avoiding collapsing buildings and falling down into the Earth's crust, as the city of Las Vegas is destroyed, but they lose their landing gear. AN-22 «Antei» – propeller-driven aircraft. Having proved itself historically, the AN-22A is once again available for global transport duties. In September 2001, AN-225 Mriya transported five T-72 main battle tanks with total weight of 253.8 tons. On June 9, 1994, Antonov Airlines delivered a 109-ton General Motors locomotive on an AN-124-100 from London, Ontario, Canada, to Dublin, Ireland. It still remains a valid world record today. Being washed away on the aircraft carrier. The project was required to expand the Yerevan power station and was included in the Guinness World Record book. Dedicated to identifying aircraft throughout Movies, Television, and Video Games! The AN-225 is called ‘Mriya’, meaning ‘Dream’ in Ukrainian. In November 2016, Antonov Airlines transported a 155t ABB transformer from San-Paulo (Brazil) to Santiago (Chile). Although they marked this plane as an Antonov 500, there's no such plane. Thanks to this equipment, the transportation of super-heavy single pieces and new world records in airlift have continued. Since then, Mriya has flown all over the world transporting various cargoes and has been included in the Guinness World Record book. On September 22, 1993, AN-124-100 Ruslan of Antonov Airlines transported a SIEMENS generator stator weighing 124 tons from Frankfurt in Germany to New-Delhi, India. Although Yuri states that the plane is Russian, Antonov is actually Ukranian. It was the first time that outsize and super-heavy cargo was transported by air. Thandie Newton (Laura Wilson) Antonov 500 — a heavy transport that appeared in the film 2012, based on the Antonov An-225 Bertie — the mascot of Aeroplane Jelly Carreidas 160 — a prototype 10-seat, supersonic business jet seen in Flight 714 to Sydney, one of The Adventures of Tintin Elgin E-474 — featured in the 2005 film Flightplan, based on the Airbus A380 The following methods are possible for loading: - By using an airborne crane (lifting capacity is up to 2 tons); Tie-down straps and nets are used for cargo lashing.


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