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We should and we could do it”.The professor and his band, they are basically no one. All rights reserved. Without accurate data, it is impossible t... Nintendo, the Japanese company behind Super Mario and Pokemon video games, reported Thursday that its fiscal first half profit more than tripled as past time while stuck at home during the pandemic playing games. Copyright © 2016 Identity Magazine. All 8 episodes of season 4 are available on Netflix. But he’s so emotionally closed off. 0. The Professor is back. In an interview, Alvaro encouraged people to stay safe and said that he hopes Money Heist can keep people entertained during this time. 1- Tell us one thing you like and dislike about the professor’s character on “La Casa De Papel“.I like many things about the professor but mainly his patience and capacity to work. (Photo: La Casa De Papel/Instagram), Editorial: Bihar desperately needs jobs and incomes. Amid this, Spanish actor Alvaro Morte, who is known for his crime-drama Money Heist, came up to encourage others in the fight against the pandemic. For example, with Raquel, the professor has always been alone; with no love, no relationships, no partners. I’d like him to open up, maybe just a little bit. Get To Know The Beautiful and Talented Mariam El-Khosht! They have their issues, problems and troubles. Actor Álvaro Morte, who plays The Professor in Money Heist, is currently shooting for its fifth and final season. And even with that, they could react to that system and they’re rebelling in their own way. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Mariam El-Khosht on “Leh La2”, Passions, and Upcoming Projects! I remember talking to the scriptwriters and I was like, “Hey guys, we need a conflict here. Alvaro Morte plays the role of The Professor named Sergio Marquina in all the seasons. Maybe a side of him that we’ve never seen before?If I tell you, I’ll spoil everything. For me, it has to be the first one. What do you think that says about Sergio/the professor’s character development? READ | Ryan Reynolds Negotiates With Money Heist actor Alvaro Morte For A Crossover? Ex. Aya Aboshady-April 6, 2020. Money Heist Season 5 has resumed shooting after Alvaro Morte revealed that he is back with a BTS picture. Just planning by himself. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has pushed many indoors around the globe. ©AlloCiné, Retrouvez tous les horaires et infos de votre cinéma sur le numéro AlloCiné : 0 892 892 892 (0,34€/minute), Découvrez tous les interviews vidéos de Álvaro Morte, INTERVIEW - Alvaro Morte (Le Professeur) tease une saison 4 "explosive" de La Casa de Papel. And that’s when something changed in him and you can see it as he tells Palermo that the war has begun. Exclusive Interview With Pedro Alonso, La Casa De Papel’s One and... Aya Aboshady-April 9, 2020. #CrossoversNobodyAskedFor #MoneyHeist #3Idiots #Professor #Virus #Memes.”, Read: Money Heist Season 5: Alvaro Morte hints at The Professor’s fate. That’s something I like very much about him. Although Alicia didn't pull the trigger, many aficionados thought that the Professor may not make his way out alive in the fifth season. A lo mejor alguien identifica esa camiseta que llevo con la que dio nombre a Tokio. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines. The shooting for Money Heist Season 5 (aka La casa de papel Season 5) has reportedly been started under new guidelines. Also Read: Wentworth Season 8 releases on July 28, cast, synopsis revealed, more on its Netflix release. Direct 2 DVD N°102 - La Minute Reco - Edge of Tomorrow, PILS - Par ici les sorties cinéma du 27/10/2020. Exclusive Interview With Pedro Alonso, La Casa De Papel’s One and Only ‘Berlin’, Exclusive Interview with Itziar Ituño, La Casa De Papel’s Raquel, Exclusive Interview With Serbian Actor Darko Peric, La Casa De Papel’s Helsinki, Exclusive Interview With Jaime Lorente, La Casa De Papel’s Magnificent Denver, Exclusive Interview With Alba Flores, La Casa De Papel’s Incredible Nairobi, Asmaa Abulyazeid; From El-Anesa Farah To Egypt’s Sweetheart. 2- What should we expect from the fourth season of “La Casa De Papel“?The nice thing about it is that you can’t expect anything. And you know, Picasso, the Spanish painter once said: “If the inspiration comes to me, I want to be working at that time.”The professor is the same. As the 45-year-old actor is practicing social distancing, he said that this is the time for people to reflect on their roles as individuals and as part of society. READ | | 'Money Heist' Season 4 Release Date Postponed Due To Global Outbreak Of COVID-19? He Has … Exclusive Interview With La Casa De Papel’s Álvaro Morte; ‘El Profesor’. However, maybe there’s one thing I don’t like about him. Álvaro Morte. AR has acquired a foothold in educational settings, particularly in developed countries, as an alternative solution to conventional learning experiences as it provides students an immersive, three-dimensional atmosphere with real-world char... Uganda has shown success in using health information to enhance efficiency of disease surveillance, reporting and monitoring. A post shared by Álvaro Morte (@alvaromorte) on Mar 31, 2020 at 6:27am PDT. 7- Which season of all four has been your favorite, so far? And suddenly, he’s not alone. The shooting for Money Heist Season 5 (aka La casa de papel Season 5) has reportedly been started under new guidelines. But it's not like that. And with the fourth season of Netflix’s fan-favorite Spanish show “La Casa De Papel” or “Money Heist” premiering just a few days ago on the streaming service; there’s no better timing to release our exclusive interview with the mastermind behind the heist, Álvaro Morte, who plays the one and only “El Profesor” on the show. But I’ll say that it’s always a nice thing to push characters to their limits, to the edge. The digital screen also carries his name, i.e., Alvaro Morte. Because it’s going to be one surprise after another and so on. Recently the streaming platform dropped season 4 of the series. Vitiligo Is Not A Trend: Supportive & Insensitive is Not The Same. Jeux concours | Álvaro Antonio García Morte (born February 23, 1975), known professionally as Álvaro Morte, is a Spanish actor.He gained worldwide recognition playing the role of Sergio "El Profesor" Marquina in the Spanish heist series Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), originally aired on …


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