adak bino harness
Whilst there is no doubting that both the Badlands and Kuiu bino harnesses offer a far higher level of protection than if you were just to use your neck strap or even a traditional non covered harness for that matter. After setting up the new KUIU this was quickly confirmed... its a winner. I really like my Adak bino harness... the kuiu one is nice as well. Don't have one, but have a Kuiu Pro, and it functions as intended through a few uses. Dave, the badlands is easily managed esp bc it is a long magnet band compared to a disc. Contact Me | About Best Binoculars | Privacy | Sitemap |    Copyright © 2020 Best Binocular Reviews | Do You Want to Review Binoculars & Write for BBR? Where are the magnets on those OV bino harnesses? Do You Want to Review Binoculars & Write for BBR. I played around with the ADAK for a little bit and right away it seemed painfully obvious there were a few missed opportunities. I like to find someone that has the ADAK that does not use the range finder case and is willing to sell it. To help answer this question I have decided to place the two side-by-side and compare their main features and specifications and discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses: I guess the most basic and first place to start is to check that each bag is not only capable of storing your binoculars, but which one potentially has the best fit for them. You don’t have this option with their smaller Bino C, but what you do get is a handy hook under the bag that can be used to attach many items, but is especially designed to hang a bow from to keep your hands free whilst glassing. I was looking at them but they only have camo and i was planning on the ash bino case . SaddleReaper I in Naples ny on Canandaigua lake . Which you go for will depend on your requirements: Kuiu Bino Harness: If you want a lightweight, low profile harness that offers a good, but not great level of protection, extra carrying capacity and comfort. So I would say the honors are even in this department. Why bother with a soft shell like material if it isn't at least DWR treated?? If you use a 42mm binocular, want a more lightweight and compact case, then you will be better opting for the Badlands Bino C Case and harness which in their words is Optimized for 8x42 binos. The Badlands Bino X has a total weight (including the straps) of 1lb (16oz / 454g) and it’s dimensions are 10in x 7.5in x 4in. It is quick as well as almost silent (unlike some cases that user Zippers). I call black orvis and they don't know why. because the my range finder is a little bigger than the new ones it would not fit in the Kuiu rangefinder case. The Large is designed to accept binoculars with a maximum objective lens diameter of 42mm. 2) no accessory pockets large enough to hold anything besides a wind checker. Just wondering how that set up works? You wont regret that purchase... but I'll be interested to hear how it stacks up against the OV! As low as $149.99. I had narrowed my choices to an OV or ADAK, bought the ADAK then coincidentally KUIU launched their pro a week after I received it. The Badlands Bino C has what they say is the same total weight of the Bino-X of 1lb (16oz / 454g), but is far more compact: 8in x 6in x 2.5in. This is as quick and silent as the Kuiu. I didn't get a range finder pouch bc I coulda swore I saw ash offered a while back, then all the sudden the only color offerings were Vias and Verde.... not that matching matters a ton, but I really don't need the range finder pouch so if i do get it, im willing to wait until they stock it in ash. You can see in the pic the setup. I think the Kuiu pro might be the one for me.But they will not be back in stock until after archery season. I like it, other than the material is too loud for me. Hillbilly, you can add the rangefinder case to the Kuiu bino harness, it works slick. Obviously a 10x42, or any other 42mm bin will also be just fine as well. The Kuiu rangefinder case is not one hand operation, IMO. Show 12 per page . I think this is the one for me. But would take a verde I did call them and they will be more in 3 weeks,but thats to late for my hunt. With a focus on a low-profile, minimalist design, the Adak Bino Case Harness System excels in situations demanding silence, efficiency, and one-handed functionality, all while fully protecting your optics from treacherous weather and terrain. Badlands Bino X Harness: If you want the maximum level of protection, comfort and carrying capacity, but are willing to take a hit when it comes to the size of pack that you place on your chest. Sized to fit up to large bodied 10x42 or small-bodied 10x50 binos, Rangefinder pouch is one-size-fits-all and works very well with a wide variety of rangefinder sizes, First of its kind, completely modular Optic Harness System, The perfect softshell face fabric to promote durability and silence were not available on the market, Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee, Rangefinder pouch and other accessory pockets can attach to the Velcro wings on either side of the main bino pouch, Woven polyester-nylon blend face fabric, with silent/soft fleece backer and DWR treatment, Utilizes highly durable Hypalon fabric in high wear areas, Bellowed front stretch pocket to fit the essentials like wind indicator and diaphragm/reed calls, Fold forward opening/closing mechanism, emphasizing extremely stealthy one-handed operation, Harness has generous strapping to fit a wide range of body types and is highly adjustable, Harness can be used with or without optic tethers and binos can be quickly detached from the harness for use on a tripod. still not sure witch range finder case is going to work ,I ordered the Kuiu and the outdoor vision. Used the Adak on my recent sheep hunt and really liked it besides the miles of straps on this skinny guy. Its longer than some it s5" long 3" wide. As this open section leaves the binocular resting against your chest, this is not a worry interns of impacts against your instrument as your body will protect them. Where are you from in NY? Depending on the size you choose the Kuiu bino harness will set you back between $85 and $90 / £85 or £90: Badlands Harness NY hill billy, Where are you from in NY? It has a weight of 7.2oz (215g) and it’s dimensions are Width: 5.5in x Depth: 3.15in x Height: 7.3in. However this system can be a little painful for those who like to swap their bins with a friend or attach them to a tripod, as you have to unclip them every time. I really like my Adak bino harness... the kuiu one is nice as well. I did get signed up for email alert. Then what I also like is that Badlands have recognized that your load will most likely be heavier with their larger Bino X Harness (if you are using larger bins) and as such they have beefed these shoulder sections up by adding extra padding to them: Shoulder Padding on the Badlands Bino X Harness – also shows the hydration pouch. did you get a range finder case to ad to the Kuiu pro? saddlereaper small world . Note this means it will obviously take 42mm bins, but is optimized for larger models. Copyright © 2019 ADAK Hunt. it fit very tightly over the buckle of the Kuiu pro. So will be ideal for your commonly found and used 8x42, 10x42 binoculars. That's the only thing I wish they would update. The fact that it is also a fully covered case and snaps closed with a long strip magnet means that your binoculars are also better protected from things like rain, snow, dust and small debris. also sold out of range finder Lanyard. They do sell out insanely fast, I suspect this helps drive sales. From: ... Hillbilly, you can add the rangefinder case to the Kuiu bino harness, it works slick. Kuiu do offer a solution to this with an included and detachable waterproof rain cover. I've never seen magnets that were "silent" despite what mfrs and owners claim. This is the old style harness but the new harness can be setup the same way. I bought hours after the notification came through of the second stocking shipment... got my ash size L. they were sold out a few days later. Looks like a nice harness but the magnets leaves me skeptical. Another difference between these and the KUIU system is that your binoculars simply sit in a pouch within the case. But unless you plan on splashing out and buying both of them, the inevitable question will come down to which is the best for you, your specific needs or preferences and your budget. With the Badlands Bino X, I like the Zipped closed pouch located on the rear of the harness straps where you can fit a hydration pouch (It will accept a 1 Liter water reservoir) and then run the water tube from there through hooks on the shoulder strap and have it rest in a convenient location to access. NewYork, I have the sig kilo and there is lots of room to spare. You can see in the pic the setup. Of course i have to wait until i spend some time in the field. I have an adack and it’s pretty slick, the range finder case is a nice addition. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. 30-Aug-19 . 5) Personally I was not a fan of the large ridgid lid - although I suspect one could form/ bend it much like a hat brim to reduce its noticeable size, but there was still a rather large aluminum tube running the length of the lid. Both harnesses from Badlands have quick release tethers on either side of the bag and are perfect for attaching items like rangefinders, rangefinder bags, water bottles etc. All rights reserved. However there are a few small differences between each of them that are well worth keeping in mind as they may influence your decision, especially if you are looking to get the highest level of cover and protection for your instrument as possible: Kuiu Harness Now i got to decide to go without this September or just pick up the ADAK I really like the looks of that KUIU pro. i looking at these and the kuiu pro. In terms of how quick it is to access your optics start glassing, both are just about equal: With the Kuiu, you simply flip over the top section that covers the eye-pieces on your bins and pull them out. In contrast, the amount of padding that you get with either the Bino X or Bino C from Badlands is far more protective. This is the old style harness but the new harness can be setup the same way. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I think i going to be pleased with this set up.


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